Alys, Gareth’s Daughter

A young girl, Alys, grows up without any loving family bonds. He gets educated in two convent schools on the Welsh island of Ynys Mon in which he shows her rebellious sour personality. The shadow of his dead dad, who disappeared under extremely weird circumstances, is one of the greatest threads of the story. Once she decides to give up studying, he moves to different European countries where whe gets to know how cruelly men can behave due to sexual pleasures. Boldness and lovelessness, fight and sorrow, sex and purity, peace and weapons, passion and boredom… all kinds of sensations get mixed in a story that is meant to pay tribute to the Welsh country, people and culture. [Illustration by Alba Ripoll.]


Emigdi Subirats i Sebastià
Alys, Gareth’s Daughter
Col·lecció Nou Món, 26

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